Engaged Learners Share Learning about Artists Using Technology

The Artist Biography Projects the AWESOME students in Division 3 undertook gave them freedom to choose any artist they wished to research and learn about. The project was split into two parts. The first section included learning and documenting specific information about their artist. The second section provided the opportunity for them to recreate a piece by their artist or create a unique piece in the style of their artist.

It did not matter to me if the artist they studied was living, dead, famous or not famous. It also didn’t matter to me which medium they chose to demonstrate their learning. The students chose to use Weeblys, Prezis, PowerPoints, & posters. The important aspects for me during this project was their researching skill, ability to follow criteria, and demonstrate their ability to compile a bibliography of sources they used to meet all criteria for this project.

The power of choice motivated my students to be engaged and take charge of their learning.  They critically evaluated peers and their own work according to established criteria.  It was exciting to see them talk at length about what they learned when they were showing their projects off to fellow students at our Gallery Walk.  This integrated Language Arts and Art Biography reinforced to me how valuable it is for students to have choices in their learning.

Please click on the links below, enjoy the samples, and provide feeback to them on the established criteria for this project.  Thank you!!!!  I’m proud of their efforts and energy levels during this project.  Please feel free to share!

Mr. McDonald

Greg’s Weebly website on Van Gogh.

Starry Night

Ajay’s PowerPoint on Brian Fox

Tedy Bruschi

Tyler’s Prezi on Ivan Aivazosky.

La Novena Ola

Ifrah’s Prezi on Jaison Cianelli.


Sara D.’s Weebly website on Camille Pissarro.


Ivie’s Weebly website on Franklin Carmichael.

Kalihan’s Weebly website on Edvard Munch.


Maneet’s Weebly website on Jackson Pollock.

Sarah L’s Weebly website on Georgia O’Keefe.


Indy’s Weebly website on Francisco de Goya.

Nawal’s Prezi on Johannes Vermeer.

Girl With a Pearl Earring
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