About Me

Grade 7 teacher, learner, collaborator, explorer, & coach.  President of Surrey Elementary Athletic Society.  Bachelor of Education from University of British Columbia & M.ED in Education Leadership from Simon Fraser University.  I work with great people and inspiring students in a wonderful district.  I am husband to a talented, funny, and beautiful woman and father to 2 young, humorous, amazing, and curious kids.  Life is busy and wonderful!


3 Responses to About Me

  1. gallitzvi says:

    Hugh, I like the new blog…it looks great! Makes me think about mine…

  2. I’m liking the set up too. 🙂

  3. Jeff Hemmett says:

    Hi Hugh,

    I love how you are incorporating technology into your teachings – it makes me think that we (Early Entrepreneurs) might be working on an idea you will find of interest.

    Do you think your students are interested in starting their own business? We provide seed funding of $100 to classrooms and tell stories of ethical companies as we facilitate the kids’ learning. At the end of the program, their revenues are donated towards building schools in developing nations.

    Have a moment to chat?



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