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Why the Global Read Aloud Matters

Wednesday started out as a normal day at school.  I walked into the office to check my mailbox when our amazing secretary handed me a mystery package.  I immediately looked at the mailing label and was astounded when I saw…

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Paper Airplane Challenge Part 1 – Telling Our Learning Story

I rececently watched an English Fan who created a paper airplane and let it go from the upper deck of Wembley Stadium.  The paper airplane he created danced gracefully through the sky for what seemed like minutes and hit an … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Tell Me to Pick

image from etsy “…Please pick one or two students…” my heart freezes as I read the email. Don’t make me pick, please.  Don’t make me single out one or two students, even if it is for recognition.  Why?  Because I…

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Early Sports Specialization and Its Links to Education

Outside of work, I spend many hours coaching my kids and other parents’ kids in school and community sports.  There is a  lively debate right now in the youth sports community about the value of focusing exclusively on a single sport…

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