10 Reasons You Need To Read The Genius Hour Guidebook

1.  You will learn that authors Denise & Gallit are thoughtful, caring, & knowledgeable educators who are willing share their passion of supporting a student centered classroom of students learning about their passions.  Make sure you read this book!

2.  You will learn what is Genius Hour & why students need it.

3.  You will learn a variety of strategies & ideas on how to introduce Genius Hour to your class.

4.  You will learn the art of diving in, letting go, and watching the magic of students passions driving their learning during Genius Hour.   This the authors outline give you the teacher the opportunity to be the guide on the side & give personalized feedback to students during their inquiries about their passions.

5.  You will learn about how different educators structure Genius Hour presentations in their classroom and why they do it.  You will also understand why some choose to loosen deadlines & let students decide when would be best for them to present.

6.  You will learn strategies to help students make their learning visible in order to find an authentic audience for their authentic learning experience.

7.  You will learn about a variety strategies that outline how to structure self-assessment & feedback in your class so it feeds ongoing learning (Assessment for Learning) for the students and their Genius Hour learning.

8. You will learn about how & why it is important to open our minds and our students minds to doing something big or small that can improve the world we all live in.  

9. You will learn that the Genius Hour community of educators are a collaborative bunch & a lot of their willingness to share their ideas that worked and didn’t work in their classrooms have made made it possible for this movement to spread to classrooms around the world.

10.  You will learn a lot by paying attention to the Appendix sections in The Genius Hour Guidebook.  It will help answer some of the specific questions you might still have, give you resources and lesson plans, and a reading list of must read books & blogs.

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