One Word Challenge

In coming across this challenge I was thinking what would my word be. I am someone who often thinks about what I could be doing differently to help myself, my family, my colleagues, my students, and my world. Sometimes the difficult thing for me is to act on some of the things I think about. I sometimes set resolutions for myself and see it through the year but sometimes my dedication to them fall off once I’ve accomplished my goal. One example was my desire to increase my ability to run longer distances. I joined a group and set off to train to run a 10km. After managing to achieve it I ran a few other 10km after that but never pushed forward to try 1/2 marathons. I justified it to myself that I had too many things going on and I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it. I want to change. I want to grow. I want a better world for my children and my family.

Often it is said that what matters in life are the little things. Thus I come back to my challenge to pick a little word that I can dedicate myself to and all the important parts of my life that I want to continue to explore.

Prior to discovering my one little word I wrote a blog about my wants for personal and professional growth. This is my attempt to adjust that entry to more encompass my dedication to my word rather than specifics. My word is want. It encompasses what I want for myself in 2012. It is the word that I will think about when things get difficult throughout my 2012. It will help me think of creative solutions to help me get what I want. It will be my challenge. It is what I want.

Below is my list of what I want.

  • I want to continue to provide opportunities with my wife for our children to explore the different joys that life has to offer.
  • I want to find times where my wife and I can go and enjoy a movie or a round of golf.
  • I want to read more for personal enjoyment.
  • I want to be more physically active.
  • I want to continue to build our classroom website into a multi-functional tool to support student learning, my learning, while simultaneously increasing the quality of parental communication.
  • I also want to be a greater contributor to my PLN on twitter. I learned a lot about technology from my PLN in 2011, but I feel that I am just scratching the surface with my learning in this respect.
  • I want to take the time to model for my children and students the importance of giving back to others who are in a much more difficult space in their life than we are.
  • Our family will think of what someone else may want or need with a trip to our local food bank to drop off some food, clothes, and toys.
  • I want to continue to support others by joining community events like runs or walks that support Cancer charities in honour of my Dad and in honour of those that still struggle with Cancer.
  • I want to help make miracles less miraculous.
  • I want Cancer to be equated to the common cold that people can easily overcome.
  • I want to inspire people to think they can before they think they can’t.
  • I want to blog more.
  • I want to reflect more.
  • I want to grow personally and professionally.
  • I want to help others grow.
  • I want you to discover your one little word
  • I want to continue to find the time for all the important people and things in my life.
  • I want you to comment and provide feedback on my one word.
  • I want to thank you for reading my one word challenge entry!
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