Setting Goals and other Musings

I’m posting this just in the nick of time in order to meet one of a few personal goals of mine.

In order to hold myself accountable I’m going to share them here & post updates as to how they are going throughout the year. I’m hope it will help me see the positive in things during the challenges of being in a pandemic has for people.

Goal 1: Write 1 blog post a month for 2021. (Monthly goal)

With this post I’m 2/2! It’s been hard getting my mind back into writing. Part of me thinks I don’t have much to say & part of me is afraid of what others will think. I was writing frequently up until about 4 years ago & then I stopped abruptly.

I feel like this while trying to overcome my own mindset.

Goal 2: Get Moving (Daily Goals)

After Christmas this year I found myself in the Apple Store with gift cards in hand asking many questions about the Apple Watch. The Apple store was incredible during Covid. I felt completely safe & had a watch table as well as a sales associate all to myself. I ended up buying one & it has been a game changer for me. Interpreting its daily feedback to me on my heart rate, steps, exercise, & sleep has been exciting & informative. It’s given me a way to be accountable to my own health & has pushed me to get out for evening walks when I’m short of my move & exercise goals for the day. I’ve summed up this goal simply by can I get to 10 000 steps a day for 2021. I’m excited to say that through 59 days I’m 58/59. This has brought me closer to my kids who who have willingly joined me for brisk walks. This unintended benefit gives me a casual way to keep connected to them while also helping my cardiovascular fitness. They usually out pace me for the day as they keep tabs of their steps in their notebooks. It’s been a routine of theirs to record their steps & beat their own personal records. I may adjust the 10k step goal to more as I progress through the year. I want to start running 5 km runs in my neighborhood. Hopefully bringing one or both of my kids with me.

Goal 3: Reading Consistently (Weekly goal)

It’s no secret to those who know me that I’m trying to read more. This came from me wanting to able to provide recommendations to my students but to also keep up with quality reads for my own two kids at home. The stacks of books on my night stand at home & the downloaded audiobooks to my audible account can attest to always want to able to read more.

Last year I read 77 books. This year I wanted to strike a bit more of a balance to my reading and moving goals. I decided to up my goal to 78 books which works out to being 1.5 books per week. Through 8 & 1/2 weeks I’m at 16 books & according to Goodreads I’m 4 books ahead of the pace I’ve set for myself. Amongst those 16 books include many YA/Middle Grade Reads, fiction & non-fiction audiobooks, & some thoughtful picture books that I want to include into my teaching practice. Audiobooks have kept me company on evening walks after the kids are in bed. It’s quite enjoyable and helps the kilometres pass by quicker.

In the time of Covid mental health awareness is so important. These goals I’ve mapped out for myself this year have been helping me gain some semblance of direction while struggling with the current constraints Covid-19 has us in… with many differences in our daily, weekly, or monthly routines. Looking forward to seeing you soon on my next post where I will likely update you with how things are going with my goals and possibly musings on other topics.

With Kindness,

Hugh McDonald

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1 Response to Setting Goals and other Musings

  1. Denise Krebs says:

    I miss you! You do have so much to say. I hope you will come back and keep writing. So true what you said: “In the time of Covid mental health awareness is so important.” Peace to you and blessings for a good new school year ahead.


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