Collaboratively Creating Through Making & Coding

Below is my grant proposal for the students in my class.  I have big ambitions for them to create, celebrate, and expose strengths they never knew they had through making and coding.  In turn they will continue to share and model these new found strengths with their classmates, school community, and beyond. Any help you can provide by sharing this post or contributing financially to this this proposal would be most appreciative.  Thank you so much!

I have an active class of grade 6 and grade 7 students that come from a variety of backgrounds and abilities. Many of my students are students who require English Language Learner and personalized learning support in the classroom. My students want authentic learning activities that are engaging and hands on. They are learning to collaborate and communicate effectively with one another and become leaders in their classroom and school community.

Students in my class are learning to work collaboratively to explore new concepts and to show their learning. The goal is to inspire students to become passionate, lifelong, creative thinkers and doers in our class makerspace. My students will need access to state of the art tools that will spark creativity, nurture their curious minds and ignite the inventor inside each of them. I would like to use exciting coding and robotic technologies to empower my students’ digital creativity while they brainstorm, plan, and collaborate together. These coding tools will help them create personalized questions and learning experiences, make observations, and inquiry connections to the real world while providing unique opportunities for them to explain their learning to others in our school and beyond. Learning code will help with essential skills that will serve them for their whole lives.

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