BYOD Permission Permission Form and Device Registration Form

Last year my colleague Gallit Zvi underwent the big task of tailoring a BYOD use policy for the students in our classes and school.  Thank you to her for all her efforts.  I’ve adapted the form she created last year for our students this year.  I hope you find them useful.  Feel free to use, adapt, and share.



School District No. 36 (Surrey) and Westview Elementary recognizes and authorizes the use of privately owned personal computers within the school’s communications network.  Computer/Device owners agree to:

  • Adhere fully to the SD36 Acceptable Use Policy (previously signed in consent package) and that computer and network usage will also be governed by school and classroom rules and expectations
  • Strictly ensure that software installed on their privately owned computer/device are licensed for their use
  • Give their computer/device a machine name acceptable to the School District

SD36 and Westview Elementary are NOT responsible for:

  • Repair of privately owned computers/electronic devices (hardware or software)
  • Compatibility problems with its networks, computers, and software
  • Network connectivity problems
  • Theft of or damage to privately owned computers/devices, software, or data
  • Providing licenses for software used on privately owned computers/devices


Process for Staff/Student ability to connect their privately owned computer/device to the SD36 network:

-Student fills out the Registration Form and submits it to the educator responsible for the process

-Computers/electronic devices can then connect to SD36 network.


Use of Online Learning and Communication Tools

This year, students will be documenting their learning on their personal ePortfolios, with the use of online tools, such as Twitter, Weebly, Kidblog, Youtube, Skype, Educreations, and other web 2.0 programs we will learn about throughout the year. The BC Education Plan supports these 21st century learning skills:

BC’s Education Plan will encourage smart use of technology in schools, better           preparing students to thrive in an increasingly digital world. Students will have more opportunity to develop the competencies needed to use current and emerging technologies effectively, both in school and in life…The Province will promote the use of technology for both students and educators.

With the use of online learning and communication tools, we can better personalize each student’s learning.  Students’ last names will NOT be used online and their images will not be connected online with their names.  Through the use of technology we will be learning along side fellow students in our school, our school district, and around the world.


I have read “Use of Privately Owned Personal Computing Devices” and understand the conditions in which my child may bring personal electronic devices.

Parent or Guardian’s Name (please print):  ______________________________

Signature:  ______________________________         Date:  _______________


Mr. McDonald


Use of Privately Owned Personal Computing Devices

Registration Form:

Name: __________________________________________________________


Description of Device: _____________________________________________

Model Number: _______________________

Serial Number: ________________________


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