Awesomely Normal vs. Winning

For those that know me know that I am a highly competitive person.  However over the last few years what I value in education and coaching has shifted to finding opportunities that create a participatory and skill teaching/building environment rather than actions that support hierarchy and winning first.

I initially wrote this for the Surrey Elementary Athletic Society blog, but I feel this has a lot of tie ins to education in the classroom and what I value.  I will let you make your own connections in regards to that.  I would love to hear them, and I hope you enjoy the post below.

I love how awesomely normal baseball is for Adam Bender, his teammates, coaches, and the team he is playing against.  This is why we need to keep the perspective on defining why we coach and why participation and skill development at young ages is so important as opposed to pushing winning all the time.

We need to be very careful about the age we impose adult beliefs on kids about winning and what it takes to win.    We risk losing out on the important lessons we can learn from all the young athletes in our care if winning is the focus over participation and skill development at young ages.

I hope you enjoyed the powerful video!


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