A Thank You Letter

“Great ideas are born from the need to follow your dreams.” — @PoetSayings

 Follow them and share your story!  We will all benefit!

Dear Gallit,

Together we embarked on a learning journey together with no wall, 2 classes, awesome students, supportive colleagues, and a will push the boundaries of what is possible when you share your  passionsGallit and I and your learning with your students.  Genius Hour will forever be a part of my heart, and the heart of our students as many of them journey forward this year to highschool.  Our endless collaborative discussions about students, philosophies of education, best practices, classroom environments, and life improved the quality of the learning experiences for us and our students.  They were deep, personal, engaging, and provided me with many opportunities to reflect on, question, and learn.  I am a better teacher because of it.  Thank you friend!

Our students understand themselves a lot more as learners and creators of content as opposed to consumers of content.  Together we saw them grow from 2 classes of individuals 10 months ago to a community of learners who are collaborative and caring.  It is with mixed emotions that I write this.  I am sad to see my teaching partner and friend leave our school.  However, I am over the moon with excitement for you as you journey forward to follow your dreams.  I am excited for the next generation of student teachers who are lucky to have you to lean on and learn from as their faculty associate mentor.  You will be amazing!

Above is a little video our students helped me build as part of my most recent genius hour project.  We titled it “A to Zvi of Mrs. Zvi”.  We shared it in class on the last day with you and the students present.  However, I felt it was important for people to see and hear their stories about their caring, innovative, and awesome teacher.

I look forward to our next chat.




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6 Responses to A Thank You Letter

  1. jmclean77 says:

    Awesome Hugh. You two were one heck of a team no doubt, can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both. I have learned, and will continue to learn, a ton from the both of you. Thanks and best of luck to both of you next year and beyond.

    • Thank you Jesse for the kind words. We have learned a lot from you, and we are inspired by the awesome opportunities you and your team are putting together for your students. I love reading about your thoughts on a number of different topics. Have a fantastic summer being a Dad! It is so much fun!

  2. Denise Krebs says:

    Hugh, you and Gallit are both beautiful! What an awesome tribute to an awesome teaching partner.

    I was laughing and bawling as I watched the best ABC video ever! My favorite letters were H (She gives her students hot chocolate and tea); I (She’s inspirational, intelligent, improving and their idol.); R (right?); W (She’s wonderful, she’s a wizard and she grants wishes); and Y (Y’all). Actually, I could go on! They were all great.

    Thanks so much for sharing their amazing work, and the love they have for their teacher.

    You are the best!

    • The kids and I had fun putting it together. We managed to surprise her which is not easy to do. 😀 I cracked up hearing the boys call her a wizard that grants their wishes. Gallit and I have learned so much from you Denise. Thank you so much for the visit earlier this month and for sharing all your learning with us. Keep being awesome!


  3. Gallit Zvi says:

    Dear Hugh,

    Where do I start? Thank YOU so much! Thank you for learning with me, thank you for showing me how to be a better teacher, thank you for this amazing video! It is so beautiful! I will treasure it always, just as I will always treasure our year of team-teaching!

    I am so proud to call you my colleague and my friend!
    I know we will continue to learn together.

    Thanks buddy 🙂


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