Genius Hour Manifesto

Gallit Zvi, Denise KrebsJoy Kirr and I collaborated to write the “Genius Hour Manifesto” It was published in Education is My Life (@edismylife).  Thank you A.J. Juliani for giving us the platform to share our insights.  Genius Hour is a passion of ours, and we are excited to share more of its story with the world.

It gives the story behind Genius Hour, how it looks in our classrooms, what is the future of Genius Hour learning, and how everyone can get involved.  Be sure to refer to the Genius Hour Wiki for the many great resources used by Genius Hour teachers that were collected by Gallit, Joy, and Denise.


Image by Abode of Chaos – Thierry Hermann

Thank you for reading my blog!  Enjoy the read and please share the Genius Hour Manifesto with the world!  Inquiry and passion based learning should be the focus rather than percents and letter grades.  Let’s connect with each other and make it happen for the learners in our classrooms!


Hugh McDonald (@hughtheteacher)

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