Making the Most out of Every Second

Below is a video shot in a relatively short time span this morning while my wife was running errands and I was hanging out with my 3 year old and my 21 month old.  It is a video inspired by colleagues Jodi Pulvers, Antonio Vendramin, Gallit Zvi and projects created by groups of grade 6 students at our school.  They created videos using sixty – 1 second video clips to tell a story.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Dean Shareski (@shareski) who introduced this version of digital story telling to Surrey teachers at the opening dinner of Surrey School District’s Engaging the Digital Learner Series this past September.  The great thing about twitter is even though I was unable to be there for this first event of the dinner series I was able to get the full experience of Dean’s presentation from those that were there.  Thank you Twitter PLN!  Here is my sixty in 60 seconds filmed on a beautiful fall day in October 2012.

Antonio also did this activity with our school iPads with all the grade 6s at our school while we were away at camp earlier this week.  Our students were excited to share their creations.  Some of their final products can be viewed on Antonio’s youtube channel.

I must say my inner director was working over time today as I was shooting and editing my video.  I loved every second of crafting it! Planning, adjusting, filming, counting frames, reshooting frames, uploading to iMovie, shortening clips to get each to the desired 1 second each, and finally carefully choosing the audio made for an engaging experience that I cannot wait to try again with a different story.  The editing process was surprisingly easy once I got going.  iMovie on the iPad is user friendly and even had royalty free music to test and use in my video.  I can see how activities like this engage the digital native to learn and explore elements of telling a story.  I’m excited to learn and explore more ways to help our students use digital tools to engage themselves in new ways of telling their story and other stories.

I can see this as a popular choice for my students to demonstrate their learning during Genius Hour this year.  It engaged me to challenge my creative talents.  I am positive opportunities like this will continue to challenge my students to make the seemingly impossible possible. I am excited to see them create and explore their wonders and unlock the creative genius within!

Anyone else have a digital story telling idea that they have used with their students?  I would love to see it.  Here are some videos that inspired me to make the video above:

Hugh McDonald


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9 Responses to Making the Most out of Every Second

  1. kturley says:

    I love this idea and can’t wait to share it with my class!

  2. They will love it! I would love to see your finished products, hear your story, and share each with my students when you finish. My students are just starting to feel the reach of the positive the digital world can bring to their lives.

  3. Beverley says:

    I’ve started working with my students in Music and Media to create these videos telling the story of a day in our school. @shareski seems to have inspired many Surrey teachers! Thanks for sharing your personal effort as well.

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  5. Pam Thompson says:

    Great idea. I think my class will love it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you Beverley! He sure has! No problem Pam! I look forward to your classes creations!

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