1 More Fun Lane to Travel In

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This post is inspired by Karen Lirenman (@lirenmanlearns). Her post “Why I Blog” was noted in this tweet I came across:

I respect Karen tremendously and was intrigued about what was powerful enough to be said in so few words. Her post hit a chord with me. Her analogy helped shape “My Why” about why I blog. Here is “My Why”:

“I blog because I love to share. It also helps me make my way around perceived stop signs in my mind into an open highway lane of learning to be explored.”

My analogy connected with my son’s favourite song “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. He is a curious little guy who loves to learn and he is a huge fan of anything relating to the movie “Cars”. He requests it immediately each time we get into our van.

He also loves the Tom Cochrane version my wife and I play in the car every once in a while. Ironically my wife tells the story about getting a ticket when travelling to a university class to write a test in her English class with it blasting in the background. I laugh and think that she must have been so focussed on how she was going to convey her learning that day that she missed seeing the police car (a stop sign) on the side of the road.

Thank you also to George Couros (@gcouros) who has inspired me to share more of my story on twitter and my blog. “If there is no sharing there is no learning.” This message of his is also my message and I will create opportunities so others can learn and experience the power of this message. #sherpapower forever!

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Hugh McDonald

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3 Responses to 1 More Fun Lane to Travel In

  1. Ms. Lirenman says:

    Hugh I’m honoured to have inspired this blog post and I love the reason why you blog. I think back to the beginning of the 2011/2012 school year when there were so few bloggers in our district. Oh how things have changed. Keep learning and sharing so we can all learn and share with you too. Karen

  2. Thank you for the inspiration! I remember those times! Times are changing and people are learning through experience that learning is connected with sharing. Twitter & Blogging are the now & the future of sharing, learning, & personal & professional growth. Our education system will flourish because of the sharing of best practice by connected educators.

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