Personal and Professional Growth


This is a repost from my previous blogging platform.

2011 was a rough one for me personally with the passing of my father but on many levels it was a truly exciting time in my life.  My 2 ½ year-old son continues to grow more expressive, imaginative, funny, smart, and interesting.  I am continually reminded of how much of a gift he was to our little family with every new thing I hear him say and see him experience.  My daughter just turned one and gave us the gift of seeing her grow from an infant to an expressive, humorous, curious, and talented little girl.  She gave us an early Christmas gift when she took her first 2 steps on Christmas Eve.  She is now stringing them together quickly and soon will be running around our place as fast as her big brother.  My wife continuously amazes me with how she balances a lot of different parts of our home life.  She is our families’ compass constantly steering us in the right direction.  I love her for it.  As January 1st comes to a close I reminded of things I want to do for my family, myself, my profession, and for others.  I guess you can call it my list of New Years Resolutions.

I want to continue to provide opportunities with my wife for our children to explore the different joys that life has to offer.  I want to find times where my wife and I can go and enjoy a movie or a round of golf.  This is not always easy with a young family, but I am determined to make this a reality!

I want to read more for personal enjoyment.  I started 2012 off by blistering my way through first book of “The Hunger Games” the last couple days.    I also want to be more physically active, so I am able to keep up with my family.

Professionally I want to continue to build our classroom website into a multi-functional tool to support student learning, my learning, while simultaneously increasing the quality of parental communication.  I also want to be a greater contributor to my PLN on twitter.  I learned a lot about technology from my PLN in 2011, but I feel that I am just scratching the surface with my learning in this respect.

Finally I want to take the time to model for my children and students the importance of giving back to others who are in a much more difficult space in their life than we are.  Our family will start with a trip to our local food bank to drop off some food, clothes, and toys.  Our family then plan to continue this by joining community events like runs or walks that support Cancer charities in honour of my Dad and in honour of those that still struggle with Cancer.  I reminded of a young local hero, Tessa Beauchamp who continues to battle a disease that has no known cure, and she is now hoping for a miracle.  I encourage you to google her name.  We as a society shouldn’t be hoping for a miracle, we need to be out there helping the researchers who can make the miracles not so miraculous by finding a cure!!

Just think… a student in your classroom/school could be the one…maybe you’re the student who discovers the cure?

I wish you joy, love, curiosity, imagination, growth, and peace in 2012!


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