A New Beginning

This is a repost from initial professional blog I started on Weebly.  I already like this blogging platform better.

I’ve had a lot of fun setting up a website on weebly.  Being relatively inexperienced in designing a website I felt comfortable with the easy to learn interface that weebly has. When I started teaching 11 years ago I would have told you then that I can have a complete classroom without a website.  After building this one in September-October of 2011 I cannot believe I survived this long without a quality one.  I attempted one last year using our “old” First Class format given to us by our district.  I had it set up, but I found it a more difficult interface to navigate and create what I wanted out of a site.  

I’m constantly looking for new ideas and ways to improve my classroom and this site.   I envision this site to be constantly changing, as I hope to extend the students classroom learning experiences into our digital era.  I had three main purposes for building this site.  First, I wanted to improve communication between students, parents, and myself.  Secondly, I believe this is an excellent way  to further empower my students to being resourceful and self-sufficient learners.  Finally, I wanted a fun way extend the learning that goes on in the classroom setting, so my students can feel connected to their classroom and school at home.     

Thank you to Mrs. Gallit Zvi, a colleague of mine at Georges Vanier Elementary for introducing our staff at a recent Professional Development Day to weebly.com.  She showed us how easy it can be for teachers to have an online presence in the digital era.  It is a very simple and user friendly format, and I encourage all teachers to give it a try.

Students in my classroom using this site I’m hopeful you were able to continue reading this far down my long winded opening blog attempt.  Should you have any suggestions for our classroom website please let me know!!  

Mr. McDonald
Grade 7 Teacher
Georges Vanier Elementary

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